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Hive Effect Entrepreneurship Initiative Now Accepting Applications for Second Cohort
Sponsored by Grindstone Coworking and the Edinburg EDC

Applications due by June 1

Edinburg,Texas: Grindstone Coworking, in collaboration with the Edinburg Economic Development Corporation, has kicked off the second cohort of Hive Effect – an entrepreneur development initiative aiming to help local businesses thrive. The program, accepting applications through June 1, will offer 15 business owners the opportunity to grow their respective businesses through curriculum, coworking, and mentorship.

Daniel Rivera of Grindstone Coworking and director of Hive Effect said, “We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with the Hive Effect since its launch last September. Our coursework, mentorship and implementation of the coworking concept has helped ten entrepreneurs achieve great things for their respective businesses, and we’re looking forward to introducing a new set of members to our growing community.”

Gus Garcia, Edinburg Economic Development Corporation added, “The EDC is excited to partner up with Grindstone Coworking to promote this initiative. The Hive Effect program has become a valuable resource for some of our city’s most exciting new businesses.”

About Grindstone Coworking: Grindstone Coworking is a membership-based office in Edinburg,Texas. Designed for mobile workers, freelancers, and startups, the office provides workspace, phone booths, private suites, conference rooms, training rooms, a copy center, mailboxes and other amenities for today’s modern businesses.

About Edinburg EDC: The Edinburg Economic Development Corporation serves local companies by providing assistance with expansion plans, programs to help retain business, and advocating for policies that enhance the region’s economic competitiveness.

Hive Effect will be accepting applications through the month of May. If you’re an entrepreneur hoping to take your business to the next level, visit to learn more.



Grindstone Radio – Episode 011

Grindstone Radio – Episode 011

Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Robles and Melissa Gauna

  • Introduction to Melissa Gauna
  • Melissa describes her profession
  • What led Melissa to nutrition?
  • Discussion of Eggs
  • How to contact Melissa Gauna
5 Easy Apps for DIY Content for Your Small Business

5 Easy Apps for DIY Content for Your Small Business

Create DIY Content for Your Small Business with Five Easy-To-Use Apps

In the small business world, content creation is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, good content can powerfully impact your sales, your brand image, and your overall reputation. On the other hand, good content comes at a price, whether it be monetary, time consumption, or mental effort. Great content doesn’t always come easy, but as a business owner, you already know that great things rarely come easy. These easy-to-use apps, however, can help you on your path to kick-ass content creation in no time.


The MAOA (Mother of All Organizational Apps), Trello, is one of the single best tools you can use to get your thoughts, projects and assignments organized. Many people are visual learners by nature, and Trello’s easy-to-use, image-centered set-up makes organizing ideas easier than ever before. Create cards for different ideas and arrange them by column, color or project. Drag and drop to suit your needs, and tag team members on each card to communicate ideas freely and in real time. Notifications are sent straight to your phone, so if you’re on a deadline, you can be sure you’re not losing precious time. If you’ve got a big project coming up, and you don’t know where to start, Trello is a safe bet.


Not everyone is gifted in graphic design. Don’t beat yourself up about it. For the design-challenged among us, there’s Canva. This must-have app is a Godsend for small business owners who don’t have the funds to outsource graphic design projects, big or small. Don’t waste time searching job boards and paying big bucks for simple projects like newsletter design or social media design work. Instead, download Canva, create your own graphics using their easy lay-out and current selection of images and fonts, then carry on with your day as the adaptable boss that you are.


Image selection often goes hand-in-hand with creating your own graphics. For this, there’s A round-up of all the internet’s best free stock photos, there are thousands of high-quality images to choose from, so you’re bound to find the perfect picture to represent your brand and target audience. Whether for Facebook ads, social media memes or websites, is a stellar source for imagery.

While a good copywriter can be a great asset for your business, there are plenty of writing tasks you can tackle all on your own, with the right app, of course. is a fantastic resource if easy-to-read, mistake-free content is what you’re going for – and you should be. Cut down on embarrassing typos and take your overall writing style to the next level with this easy-to-use program.


So you’ve got the right words, but how do you present them in the right way? Wordswag is the answer. With the popularity of social media at an all-time high, meme creation is basically a necessity. Spice up your brand’s images with Wordswag, then sit back as they spread like wildfire across your favorite channels. It’s really that simple.

Have any questions or other apps you want to share? Message us on Facebook or drop us a line at [email protected]

Grindstone Radio – Episode 010

Grindstone Radio – Episode 010

Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Robles and Elizabeth Charles

  • Introduction to Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth describes her organization Women’s Business Center
  •  Description of Women’s Entrepreneur Boot Camp
  • Talk about certification
Grindstone Radio – Episode 009

Grindstone Radio – Episode 009

Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Robles and Luis Reyes

  • Fiverr discussion and description
  • Daniel’s experience with Fiverr
  • Eduardo’s and Luis’ thoughts on Fiverr
Grindstone Coworking and Hive Effect Celebrate Plains Capital Bank Partnership

Grindstone Coworking and Hive Effect Celebrate Plains Capital Bank Partnership

Grindstone Coworking and Hive Effect Celebrate Plains Capital Bank Partnership

Over 70 attendees gathered for a social start-up mixer at Grindstone Coworking on Wednesday evening. Heavy hor d’oeuvres and cocktails were served, as Grindstone members, local entrepreneurs, Edinburg City Council members and representatives from Plains Capital Bank and other organizations joined to celebrate Hive Effect’s newest sponsorship.

Organizations like Plains Capital Bank are instrumental in the success of the Hive Effect and the small business ecosystem in the Rio Grande Valley. Their donation of 35 iPads will be used to help young entrepreneurs and community members with educational courses, seminars, and workshops held at Grindstone Coworking. From financial preparation classes to presentations from local mentors, the Hive Effect offers a range of educational tools intended to jumpstart success for local businesses.

The president of Plains Capital Bank, councilmember J.R. Betancourt, and Grindstone Coworking owner Daniel Rivera spoke to attendees about the importance of local entrepreneurship and its impact on the Rio Grande Valley.

“This is the place to make dreams happen,” said J.R. Betancourt as he addressed the crowd.

Grindstone Coworking has become a vital resource for entrepreneurship in the Rio Grande Valley. Over 17 months, membership has grown to more than 55, many of whom work out of the Grindstone on a daily basis, making it the epicenter of creativity it is today. Small businesses, local freelancers and young professionals have helped launch Grindstone Coworking into an entrepreneurial hub, where members have access to a number of unique resources not found elsewhere in the Rio Grande Valley. Not only do members gain the opportunity to continually network, learn and collaborate amongst one another, but local partners, like Plains Capital Bank, L&F Distributors and Moonbeans Coffee, have proven invaluable in elevating the coworking experience for everyone at the Grindstone.

If you’ve yet to experience the magic of coworking, contact the office or visit the Grindstone website at to set up a tour or trial membership today.

Grindstone Radio – Episode 007

Grindstone Radio – Episode 007

Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Robles and Josh Birge

  • Introduction to Josh Birge
  • Tips from Josh on improving mobile video
  • Josh talks about Audio and stabilizing video
  • Examples of real world use
Grindstone Radio – Episode 006

Grindstone Radio – Episode 006

Daniel Rivera and Eduardo Robles

  • Recap of info from Webinar with HubSpot
  • More information + using HubSpot
  • HubSpot uses + its Features
Grindstone Radio – 004

Grindstone Radio – 004

Daniel Rivera, Eduardo Robles and Markus Villareal

  • Short description of Markus
  • Introduction to Markus and his Businesses (La Pesca, Ink Elephant and Palm Street)
  • Tips from Markus
  • Markus’ Routine/System with his businesses (Email + Text Reports)
  • When did Markus realize he needed help?
  • More business tips from Markus
GrindstoneRadio 003 – What is a Call-to-Action and why you need to implement them today.

GrindstoneRadio 003 – What is a Call-to-Action and why you need to implement them today.

What is a “Call-to-Action” and why do I need one?

Grindstone Radio: Small Business Tips for Freelancer and Mobile Workers in the Rio Grande Valley

In this episode of Grindstone Radio we explore the use of call-to-actions for marking your small business. We talk about the easy way to check your website or marketing efforts with the “and then..” game and talk about why CTA’s are a vital part of your marketing efforts.

Grindstone Radio – Episode 003

Grindstone Radio – Episode 003

Daniel Rivera and Eduardo Robles

  • Information for small businesses
  • “Call to Action” discussion
  • “And then” Game
  • “Call to Action” Real world uses + Examples
  • How Grindstone uses Call to Action
  • What you should do
Freelancing Your Way to Freedom in the RGV

Freelancing Your Way to Freedom in the RGV

Freelancing in the RGV

Owning a business can be intimidating. If the prospect of diving head first into owning a business fills you with a sense of dread, you may not be entirely ready for such a huge undertaking. And that’s OK. It may take months, even years, to find the confidence to start your business. In this case, the phrase, “don’t quit your day job” is well intentioned. Instead of quitting your 9-to-5 job on a whim, there are other ways to truly explore the concept of entrepreneurship before commitment.

Freelancing may be your best option for bringing in significant income without the pressure that comes with full-on entrepreneurship. Luckily, there is an ever-growing array of websites to help you on your path to freelance success, though not all are created equal. has proven inexplicably valuable in helping me establish my growing business. Here’s a breakdown of the internet’s most valuable website for freelancers.

Upwork Ecosystem

The largest of its kind on the web, is where a lot of freelancers go to jumpstart their careers. Born from a merger between freelance heavy-hitters and, attracts millions of clients and freelancers, utilizing a comprehensive interview process to provide a perfect match.

With an almost-overwhelming amount of job prospects, the Upwork job board is easy to navigate. Whether you’re a graphic designer, a writer, photographer or accountant, Upwork may be just the avenue you need to gain the confidence to venture out on your own. There is absolutely no cost to set up and get started. Simply create your user profile, upload your resume, then begin bidding on projects based on your desired income and experience. A growing number of large companies are joining by the day, many recognizing the convenience that comes from employing remote workers on a contract basis.

The Upwork interview process showcases the very best of the internet’s potential. Skype calls with people from all over the world are not uncommon. I’ve encountered dozens of international clients throughout my time on Upwork.

While there is a fee to utilize Upwork’s services, they pale in comparison to the perks. Upwork guarantees payment on contract gigs, meaning if the client decides not to pay up, the website will have your back. As someone who has lost over $2,000 to unpaid invoices, the security that comes with Upwork is invaluable, and can save major headaches and heartaches along the way.

Like most things in life, true effort is your best bet for success. Whether it’s starting your own business, jumpstarting your freelance career, or even maintaining personal relationships, you’ll most likely get what you put in. Before you rule out launching your own business, experiment with to see if working on your own accord is right for you.

Sara Cantu is a freelance writer from Edinburg, Texas. Her work has appeared in Lifestyle for Men Magazine, Lady Couture Magazine, RGV Magazine and numerous lifestyle websites. Contact her at [email protected]

Grindstone Radio – Episode 2

Grindstone Radio – Episode 2

Grindstone Radio – Episode Two

Grindstone News, State of the City, ft. Carlos Rios – Mako Media

In this second episode of Grindstone Radio, Carlos Rios from Mako Media joins us as we talk SEO, the State of the City address 2017, and the Grindstone Coworking Check-In Challenge. Check out this quick 10 minute episode and let us know what you think.