An Exciting New Work Experience

Accommodating Amenities

Want coffee? We’ve got that. Want privacy? We’ve got that, too. Our shared office space is home to a variety of accommodating amenities to help your business thrive. From printing services, to private phone booths, it’s our goal to offer an all-inclusive work experience you can be excited about each day.

Affordable Membership Plans

We offer a variety of membership plans to suit your unique business needs. Whether you’re looking for an everyday space to be productive, or are just hoping to experience all the benefits of the traditional office setting, with a twist, a couple times per week, Grindstone McAllen is a place for work, play and everything in between.

Multiple Convenient Locations

Working from home or at the local coffee shop is awesome…most of the time. For those other times, there’s Grindstone Coworking. Our dual locations, located in Edinburg and McAllen, offer the ultimate in flexibility for work in the Rio Grande Valley.

Vibrant Communal Space

While our members flock to Grindstone to be productive, our communal spaces ensure a space to interact with others to share ideas, goals and the typical office banter. Grindstone Coworking offers a café area, comfortable couches and a conference room to make sharing ideas easier than before.

Lively Social Events

Work doesn’t have to be boring. At Grindstone, there’s a time for productivity and for play. Our play involves office Happy Hours, Waffle Wednesdays and Mimosa Mondays for when the going gets tough. Free yourself from the mundane routine of work in your home office and join a community of movers and shakers. Working from home is awesome, but working from Grindstone is better.

Room to Grow

Is your business too big for our standard membership? Grindstone McAllen is home to several private suites to house some of our community’s most exciting new business ventures.

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Community Driven Office Space

Grindstone Coworking is far from your ordinary shared office space. Our vibrant community of independent workers, freelancers and small businesses work separately but together under one roof to achieve their goals every single day.

Whether you’re a mobile worker looking for a bit of stability, a creative freelancer on the hunt for endless coffee, or a small business owner hoping to chat with others who’ve been there and done that, Grindstone Coworking is where ideas, relationships and productivity are born.



What Is Grindstone Coworking?

It’s a shared office with open workspace and private office suites to accommodate independent workers and small businesses alike.

When Are You Open?

Our Edinburg and McAllen office locations are open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 6 pm.

Do I Get My Own Office?

If you wish! Consider the Grindstone as Starbucks on steroids. We are a communal office space able to accommodate up to 60 independent workers on any given day, but we do have private offices and suites for monthly lease. Our private office leases begin at $750 per month.

Do I Get 24-hour Access?

We do offer 24-hour access memberships for $299 per month. Twenty-four hour access to our facilities is also available to members renting private offices and suites.

Who Works At Grindstone?

Our coworking space is filled with mobile workers across all industries. From accountants to digital media specialists, writers, techies, attorneys and more, our community is as diverse as the businesses we represent.

How Much Is It?

Our mailbox memberships cost as little at $50 per month. We also offer part-time memberships for $149 per month, and full-time memberships for $199 per month.

How Does the Conference Room Work?

Our memberships are based on a credit system. The Grindstone Coworking conference room is available to reserve for your next meeting.

Can I Go In For a Day?

Yes! One-day passes are available for $30. We also offer week-long passes for $49, which will roll over onto your first month’s membership fee if you decide a Grindstone membership is right for you.

From Memberships To Private Offices

Grindstone Coworking is an RGV office space built with your business in mind. Here, productivity is contagious. While our community strives to make every workday a fun one, we know how to buckle down and get things done. Whether you sign up for a membership or for one of several private office suites, Grindstone Coworking’s new McAllen location offers an all-inclusive work environment where you can be productive, socialize and get inspired any time you choose.

Our New McAllen Office Space

Our McAllen office is located in the heart of the city, with restaurants, bars and shops all within walking distance for your optimal convenience. Enjoy a slice of pizza at nearby Russo’s, grocery shop across the street at HEB, or wander across the street for a sake bomb at Coast. Our close proximity to a number of McAllen’s top businesses offers endless potential for a productive — and fun — work day.

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