The AfterMath: Grindstone Christmas Party

The AfterMath: Grindstone Christmas Party

The AfterMath: Grindstone Coworking Christmas Party

Depending on where you work, office parties can range from being a drag to a cool office outing. But what happens when you work at a shared office with multiple businesses? In this blog, we are going to break down the Grindstone Coworking Christmas party with something we call the AfterMath.

A Breakdown of the Numbers

17th of December: Grindstone Coworking hosted its 2nd annual Christmas party. We are a shared office community made up of 45 small business owners, freelancers, and mobile workers.

8 Kick Ass Wall Lights: Our office party was in the same place we work almost every day but that did not bring down the party feel. The space looked completely different as soon as you opened the door. How did we create this party vibe? LIGHTING! Joe Rocks entertainment brought over eight awesome programmable wall lights that really set the mood for the night.


6 Strings of Mark Cavazos: We wanted more than a couple of playlists to set the tone so we hired Mark Cavazos to help us get the party going. Armed with a guitar, mixer, and a mic, Mark brought the jams! The jam session took twists and turns throughout the night with members jumping on the mic to take the lead. Additionally, there were crowd sing-a-longs and people dancing in the empty space which turned into a dance floor.

5 Decked Out Doors: “Competition breeds innovation.” Our door decorating contest brought out the innovators in our bunch. Five teams competed for some prizes and most importantly bragging rights in our first annual Christmas door decorating contest.


4 Committees: Drinks, Food, Attendance, and Entertainment Committees made up of members of our community helped pave the way for a smooth and amazing party. A special thank you to Markus Villarreal, Melissa Gauna, Nick Cantu, Angel Melgoza, Sara Cantu, Juan Rodriguez, David Casarez, and everyone else who helped make this party a success.

2 Craft Beers: Our friends at L&F brought some cheer with Rogue 7 hop IPA and Hijack from the Infamous Brewing Co out of Austin,Texas. They both were excellent, flavorful additions to the open bar set up by our drink committee.


1 Photographer: A quick and creative photo booth set up and some action shots from the evening are thanks to Lee Jinks of Jinks Realty. I think the work speaks for itself. See below:



It was a party for the ages. Thank you to all who made Grindstone Christmas a special one and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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